Good Ol’ Hiro Nakamura…

31 05 2007

Lookz wut I madez…



Parallel Blogosphere – Alberto Gonzales

31 05 2007

November 20th, 2006

mood: carefree
music: Scissor Sisters – I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’

Hey Livejournal, I know I haven’t been keeping up with you, but so much has been going on lately. Work’s a whirlwind (a bitchy whirlwind LOL 😉 ), and I haven’t had a minute to myself. Oh well. I was going to do something online, but I can’t remember what it was…

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LOLtech begineth…

31 05 2007

In the shadow of Ian’s epic LOLstory, I shall follow suit with LOLtech. Since I’m kinda nerdy, I shall bequeath upon thee tech related images with LOL infamy…


The LOLstory of the USA – 1773: The Boston Tea Party

31 05 2007

1773 - The Boston Tea Party

Welcome my sweet ass to the fold!

30 05 2007

Well, thank you Ian for allowing me to contribute to this here ‘retarded comedy blog’. And by ‘retarded comedy blog’ I simply mean ‘ a comedy blog that can do anything’. BUT, by simply adding an “io” (or comparable latin suffix) to the end of words and rearranging order, we apparently get a hierarchal social status shift. It becomes less about one’s lack of mental accuity and larger forhead and more about legitimate content. It also makes it okay to make fun of those who are less fortunate than others. Let’s try it, shall we?

‘Republican Fucktard’ is now: Fucktardio Republicanus

‘Orca Fat’ is now: Fatio Orcalus

‘Donkey Punch’ is now: Rebeccus Favoritus

You get the idea. Phrases normally reserved for private conversations between 2+ consenting adults (or rascally tweens) can now be used safely in public settings where some sensitive (read Christianus) ears may be present. And yes, it is no coincidence that the latin translation of Christian and Republican has “anus” in them (good eye, Ian!). GO LATIN!

LOLstory of the United states – 1620: The first Thanksgiving

30 05 2007

A little background: a few months ago I was introduced to I Can Has Cheezburger? and the beauty that is the LOLcat through a tag team of contributor Ethan and my lovely wife. Between his remonade user icon and her changing our desktop wallpaper, I was hooked. Anyway, I love this LOLstuff, so I am now presenting: the LOLstory of the United States of America.

Mission statement, bitches!

30 05 2007

So here it is: the inaugural post of Commedio Retardio. In case you are reading this, the point of this blog is to have a home for all the stupid (and not stupid) things that I, or others like me, find funny. I am going to attempt to post one (and only one) new funny thing per day, be it photo, video, poetry, prose, whatever. In addition to that, hopefully there will be thoughts on comedy in general, reviews of things I saw, and random musings. Definitely in addition to that, there will be shameless plugs for myself and friends for shows you should go see in Seattle and beyond. Also hopefully there will be some more contributors who will post whatever they feel like posting whenever. So there we go. Commedio Retardio.