Guest Post: TMNT, bitches!

29 06 2007

A guest submission from another Brandon, this time Brandon Jepson.  Enjoy!


LOLtech — The Packer

29 06 2007

Greg Packer. The line sitter guy. He’s first in line for the iPhone in New York. I think I almost sharted when i saw these photoshop jobbies of him over at Gizmodo HERE!


The LOLstory of the USA – 1997: The Clinton Impeachment

24 06 2007

The Clinton Impeachment


21 06 2007

yes, yes, I’ve seen the damn dramatic chipmunk so STOP SENDING IT TO ME! But, have you seen THIS:

Dramatic Chipmunk REMIX

Brenda Dickenson is fucktarded

19 06 2007

The original version…

Here’s the redubbed version…

It’s his birthday today…

19 06 2007

Happy Birthday Jaberwockie!!


Silly Japanese! Best gameshow makers EVAR.

18 06 2007

Here is a link to a new Japanese gameshow that’s half tetris, half HUMAN! – Japanese Tetris