me likey cute jokies…

3 06 2007

so I’m a retarded (read retardio) fan of lame jokes.  You NEVER know when you might need to whip one out and own a conversation, a party, or a bris!  Here are some of my favorites as well as two new ones I’ve officially added to the arsenal:

1.)  Why don’t you shower with a pokemon?      becuase they’ll peak-at-choo!!

2.)  What does a cloud wear under it’s clothes?     THUNDERPANTS!  (the punchline with this can be used as an awkward conversation ice breaker.  trust me.  Just yell it and run away — a lot like fireworks but less chinese)

New to the arsenal:

1.)  What was the rabbit’s wedding ring made of?     14-carrot gold!

2.)  What’s a bison’s favorite baked good?     A buffa-LOAF!

you are officially welcome.  Residuals not necessary.