LOLtech — The Packer

29 06 2007

Greg Packer. The line sitter guy. He’s first in line for the iPhone in New York. I think I almost sharted when i saw these photoshop jobbies of him over at Gizmodo HERE!



LOLtech — asian butt warm/cooler

14 06 2007

this makes me happy and horny!


Master Chief sucks at Halo makes me laugh LOLOLOlolOlOLolO!

4 06 2007

I’ma gonna get uber geek on you right now….LOLtech to a new level…

LOLtech of the day…

4 06 2007


LOLtech for teh weekend…

3 06 2007

Well, Apple has a big month ahead of it. Being a huge Apple fanboy I’m looking forward to the MacBook Pro debut on Tuesday the 5th, OS announcements on the 11th and the iPhone debut on the 29th. Here’s your LOLtech of the day…


Good Ol’ Hiro Nakamura…

31 05 2007

Lookz wut I madez…


LOLtech begineth…

31 05 2007

In the shadow of Ian’s epic LOLstory, I shall follow suit with LOLtech. Since I’m kinda nerdy, I shall bequeath upon thee tech related images with LOL infamy…