LOLtech — The Packer

29 06 2007

Greg Packer. The line sitter guy. He’s first in line for the iPhone in New York. I think I almost sharted when i saw these photoshop jobbies of him over at Gizmodo HERE!



Silly rectangles! Trix are for squares!

8 06 2007

This site has some sweet little videos that are comprised of extremely expressive little rectangle characters. Watch PaintBalling. Or SkiJumping. Then again, they’re all fun…

Silly Handi-Abled person!

7 06 2007

So this wheelchair user got his chair lodged in the grill of the semi-truck behind him then got carted down the freeway at 50mph for 4 miles. WTF!? are you KIDDING ME!? So many questions come to mind…

1.) How was he lodged so perfectly into the front of a semi

2.) Does he even realize how fucking FUN this would be?

3.) Is Optimus Prime as cool in person as he is in the interviews?

Click the photo for the article…