Super Mario Video

10 07 2007

If you grew up playing Super Mario, this is pretty funny. We don’t grow up, we just learn to swear more. (It also doesn’t hurt that the guy sounds like a cross between Christopher Walken and Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.)


Here’s a LOLDart

5 06 2007

Junk Judge

Dan Deacon

5 06 2007

Again, it’s not that I watch a lot of videos, it’s that I watch one video a lot of times. This is what happens when the night janitor at a news station gets incriminating photos of the station manager and forces them to let him on the air. AND I LOVE IT.


4 06 2007

I never know how behind the boat I am with the internet phenomenons, but when I watch the same video more than two dozen times, I share it with friends: